Do I change my wedding dress at the reception?

Change my wedding dress at the reception

Every bride dreams of being the most beautiful one on her wedding day. Therefore they take ample time in selecting their wedding gowns to make sure it is unique and looks gorgeous on them. Well even if you have the most beautiful wedding gown for your big day, you may also want to change to another outfit for your reception party. There are a variety of reasons as to why a lot of brides prefer to switch to another dress during their reception party, and I am going to share with you some of these reasons and their importance.

To showcase an additional dress

If you have ever taken a bride to shop for a wedding dress, you would agree with me that it is quite hard for them to settle on one dress. Therefore if a bride loved two dresses at the same time while shopping, she may want to wear the other gown on the same day and what a better place to do so other than at the reception. Just make sure the dresses are not the same.Also, you may want to wear a dress that was worn by your mother or grandmother on her wedding day as a way of honoring her. So wear the dress at the reception.

Transforming dress

This is your big day, and you can wear as many clothes as you want. Some ladies don’t like to wear the same dress throughout the day hence the need to have a separate gown for the other part of their wedding. So you can opt to buy a different colored dress maybe with various features and accessories like beads and so on. You can also choose to buy a shorter dress or a dress that has fewer flairs. If you are planning your wedding on a strict budget, consider buying or having your dress made in a detachable form such that you can quickly transform it to a skirt during your reception. Such a gown saves you a lot of money that you could have used to purchase a reception dress. Remember the main reason for having a different dress is so you can have a separate look and such a dress will offer just that.

Photo session

Another great reason and benefit of having a dress to change during your wedding are so that you can get a variety of looks during the photo sessions. To make the different looks more unique consider changing the hairstyle and makeup too. Photographers are not limited to taking photos for a particular session not unless you request so, therefore with the different looks, they will be able to capture various pictures for your wedding album. In other words not only do you get the opportunity of showcasing your favourite wedding looks you also get an opportunity of getting different and beautiful looks for your wedding day.

Traditional is essential for the ceremony while sassy is suitable for the reception

Most people of all ages attend the wedding ceremony, and also a majority of the ceremonies takes place at the alter hence you need to look sexy but descent at the same time. But at the end of the day it is your big day, and if you want to show the more sensual and sassy side of you, you can do so at the reception. Note that some churches are quite strict when it comes to the dress code of their believers and if you belong to such a religion it is ideal that you buy a decent gown for the setting. The reception is where you get to mingle with your friends and other people of your age hence no need to be cautious about what you wear for this part. At a reception, it is okay to wear a gown that is a bit revealing unlike at the altar.

The activities involved during the ceremony

There are so many activities that go on during the reception part such as dancing and any other activities that require you to move around. So, ensure that you have a dress that will make you mobile such that you don’t have to keep on pulling your dress or holding it with your hands when moving around. Some of the dresses to choose from such activities are;

A skirt that reaches the knee or above the knee.

A gown that has a slit may be on the front part or at the back.

You can also choose a flair dress that reaches the ankle. Just make sure you are as comfortable as possible, and your movements are not restricted.

Wear it again

You can not wear a wedding gown in other recreational events, but a reception dress can be worn again. Therefore don’t worry about spending extra money on purchasing an additional dress for your wedding since you will have an opportunity or a special occasion that you will need to use the dress for. some of the tips to follow when buying a reception dress include;

Buy a dress that has a neutral colour such that you can wear it comfortably.

Make sure it has simple details.

Choose a dress that has unique features such as cutouts.