Wedding Tiara: Transform into a princess

Bridal/Wedding Tiara

The wedding day is one of the events in your life in which you can’t normally do. And one of these things is wearing a tiara. As soon as the tiara is placed on your head, you immediately transform into a princess. It doesn’t matter whether you are already wearing your wedding dress or not. A sparkling wedding tiara cans definitely anyone into a member of the royal family. And if you want to look good during the wedding day, below are some of the tips on wearing a tiara.

Position of the Wedding Tiara

More often than not, brides get their hair done by a professional. During your wedding day, ask your stylist to position tiara in the best possible position. It should be right at the crown of the head, and never on the top of the forehead.

Attaching the Tiara and the Veil

One thing that you should know is that the veil doesn’t have to be attached to the tiara. It can be fixed at the back of the head via a back piece if you are not going to cover your face with it. However, if you are going to cover your face with the veil, you can attach the veil to the tiara with the use of a fabric hook. That way you can remove the veil afterwards, without touching the tiara.

Size of the Tiara

It is important that the tiara enhances the wedding dress and the hairstyle. Your hair stylist can provide you with recommendations that will complement your hairstyle for the wedding. If you are a smaller person, look for a tiara that’s simple and narrow. That way you will avoid looking top heavy during your special day. You should consider small sized tiara that will not overshadow the wedding dress and the hairstyle.

Choose a Tiara with Colour

Crystal tiaras are popular among brides today. They are fashionable and can be found in a wide range of colours. You will definitely find one that suits your wedding motif. It is okay to have some colour in your tiara. You could even make it your something blue.

Ensure Tiara is Secure

It is important to secure the wedding tiara in place. That way it will not fall off when you least expect it, especially if the veil is attached to it. A fidgety tiara can ruin your special day. Most of the tiaras on the market today have two loops at the ends that make it easier for you to secure the tiara to the head. When choosing a wedding tiara, find one that’s lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Below are some of the wedding tiara styles:

The Headband Tiara

This type of wedding tiara sits flat to the head but can have a detailed element, such a crystal ornament at one side.

The Bun Wrap Tiara

The bun wrap tiara is flexible enough to fit around a high bun. It is worn further back compared to the other tiaras. It is made on a flexible hair band with loops to secure it with hairpins to the bun.

The Wreath Tiara

If you have opted for a tousled up hairstyle, then the wreath tiara is the right one for you. It is the most romantic looking tiara that has been created to look like a bloom wreath or vine with silver leaves and crystal flowers.

The Wishbone Tiara

This type of wedding tiara is recommended for brides with loose hair or an up hairdo. It can be embellished with pearls or crystals. It has a vintage, antique look that can wrap around the head and rise right above its crown.

The Double Band Tiara

One of the most popular types of wedding tiara is the double band tiara. It has two semi-circular bands that are decorated with crystals along their path. The best thing about the double band tiara is that it can be made in a symmetrical or a non-symmetrical design.

The Regal Tiara

The regal tiara is named so because it has a formal look, similar to tiaras worn by members of the royal family. But most brides don’t like this type of wedding tiara because they get a little fussy because of their height.