Wedding Stationary Tips for Brides

Choosing the perfect wedding stationary is one of the decisions brides need to make to prepare for the very special event. The invitations and the thank you cards set the tone of the wedding, as well as serve as a souvenir. Below are some of the things to keep in mind when finding the right invitation that suits your budget and style.

Ordering Wedding Stationary Online

There are some wedding organisers who don’t recommend buying invitations and thank you cards online. They want to feel the finishes, printing styles, and paper weights. A supplier can also help with the design, help find ways to save, and suggest wording.

However, there are also advantages of ordering wedding stationary online. To start with, purchasing invitations online provide savings and convenience. There are fewer options for customisation online, which can help keep the costs down. Another advantage of ordering the invitations and thank you cards online is that you are able to see a sample of the design as soon as you complete the process. When you order from a physical store, the proof will be sent within 24 hours to a week.

Printing Techniques for Wedding Stationary

More often than not, brides choose thermography, which is a type of printing technique that features a raised print. It looks like engraved text at a portion of the cost. The engraving process is a tedious one. It creates raised letters with indentations at the back. There’s a feeling of vibrancy to engraved text that you can’t get from any other printing technique.

Another printing technique that you can choose is letterpress. It is more affordable than engraving and involves pressing ink into the paper. The cheapest form of printing is digital printing. This type of printing produces smooth text.

Spend More on Invitations

When it comes to wedding stationary, it is recommended to spend more on the invitations. There’s no need to use double envelopes or envelope liners. More often than not, people throw away the envelopes. And there are couples who create wedding websites and have guests go to the site to RSVP, get the details of the wedding, and choose meals. That means there’s no need for a reception card and a response card.

A lot of couples think that thicker paper is better, but there are thinner paper stocks that are suitable for your wedding stationary. There are even elegantly designed wedding invitations from the 30s and 40s that were printed on thin paper.

While 96 pound is a good weight for invitations, you can go for up to 220 pound if your budget permits it. You can spend more on the invitation, and then choose cheaper paper for the envelopes and thank you cards.

These are the things that brides should keep in mind when choosing the perfect wedding stationary. And to create a personalised wedding card online, go to They have a wide range of wedding invitations and thank you cards for you to choose from.
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