Unity Ceremony Ideas

A unity ceremony is a symbolic rite that is performed at weddings to signify the unity of the bride and groom. The unity ceremony is commonly executed just after the vows and before exchanging the wedding rings. In the past, a unit ceremony was usually celebrated by lighting a candle by the couple to represent the union of two individuals.

This tradition has been modified throughout the years to create a unity ceremony that expresses the couples religion, heritage or family. A unit ceremony symbolizes the joining together of the two families and the joining together of the bride and the groom. Here are some of the unity ceremony ideas that you can use for your wedding.

Unit Candle or Lantern

Lighting a candle is one of the traditional ideas that you can use. Light two individual candles and then let the bride and the groom light a single candle using the two candles. By tradition, the two individuals’ candles were lit by the parents of the couples. You can add a twist to the ceremony by placing the unity candle inside the lantern to create a personalized effect.

The bride and the groom can blow out the individual candles or leave them lit. You can also have the candle tailored with your names and date. Spice the ceremony by giving every guest a candle and then light the first guest candle to pass the flame till all candles are lit. This symbolizes the unity of friends and family in support of the couple in marriage.

Blanket Unity Ceremony

Wrapping the couple in a blanket is a way to signify the coming together and a new life together. Traditionally, couples were covered with traditional and colourful quilts. You can incorporate the blankets ceremony by asking family and friends to make fabric or choose a quilt for the wedding.

The blanket wrapping also signifies unification and the warmth and support of friends and family to the marriage. It is a sign of the comfort and the bond that is between the couple, friends, and family. Instead of wrapping it around them, some couples choose to use the blanket or quilt as something to stand on.

Blending the Sand

During the sand unity ceremony, the bride and the groom should take turns to fill a clear jar with sand that has different colours in order to create a layered effect. The parents and friends can sometimes join in by adding the layers of the coloured sand to signify the harmony of those close those the couple.

The sand ceremony has an advantage as it can be displayed in the home to create a lasting reminder of their love. You can choose the sand ceremony and add special touches by monogramming the vase with your names. You can also use sand from the beaches that you like as a couple or even your favourite colours.

You can opt for your hands to be clasped and bind together with a cord during or after the vows to symbolise the joining of two lives. Traditionally the cords were wrapped to form an infinity symbol. You can also choose to use a personalised ribbon or scarves for the hand-fasting ceremony. Some blessings can be read or spoken to the couple after the hand-fasting.

Tree Planting

It is an Eco-friendly idea to incorporate in the unity ceremony. Select a tree of your kind, perhaps with a special meaning to you two or taken from a particular place you both like. Plant the tree in a small bucket and water the plant together.

You can ask the family and friends to scoop some soil and add to the bucket with the tree to symbolize the joining together of both families. You can later take the tree home and plant it to signify the putting down of roots and strengths in your marriage.

Unity Beers or Cocktails

For a couple that loves beers or cocktails, Select a cocktail that is easy to make. The beers or the cocktail’s ingredients should be different for the bride and the groom. Each of the brews can then be described in correspondence to the couple’s personalities. The beers or cocktails should then be blended to create a mixture. Enjoy the blended beer or cocktail with your guests to celebrate the unity and the gift of love.

Tying the Knot

The unity knot is also referred to as the unity braid. You can choose to tie the unity knot with the three strands to represent the joining of the groom, the bride and God into the marriage. It is a unique element that you can personalise by choosing large cords coloured with your colour of choice. Tying the knot signifies the support and strength that the bride and the groom give each other through life and just like the knot the marriage will grow strong.

Create an Anniversary box

You can create an anniversary box in your unity ceremony. The box can be custom made with the wedding dates and names to create a personalised effect. You can place a bottle of wine or love letters to one another and seal the box until a specific anniversary. During the anniversary, replace the wine and love letters with new ones and reseal it until the next anniversary.


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