Wedding Reception Decorations

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Decorations for Wedding Reception

White Christmas Lights

A lot of people hang white Christmas lights throughout the entire along their back porches as elegant and simple decorations. These lights easily make beautiful additions at venues for a wedding reception. They may be hung right from the ceilings, in potted plants, around the cake, and around tables. If Christmas lights are not favourable for you, lanterns can be used instead.

Use Ribbons

Renting seat covers may turn out to be expensive, and needs a lot of work. Rather than seat covers, you can simply use wide ribbon ties to the placed at the back of chairs in order to add elegance while sprucing things up. Ribbons are cheaper alternatives compared to seat covers.

Install a Water Feature

A great addition to the reception entrance is a water fountain. It may just be a small one placed on top of a table. A water fountain produces a refreshing sound which would be relaxing for your guests to listen to during the reception.

Use Feathers

A big trend in modern weddings is the use of feathers. Purchase feathers in bulk from a local craft store, and start creating huge feather wreaths that you can hang on the walls, or adding the to your centrepieces for flowers for elegant, yet inexpensive outcome.

Food Decorations

The wedding menu for food and drinks you prepare, including the way it is arranged, add extra points to the big day. Assorted, huge apothecary candy jars placed on top of the dessert bar can produce that festive mood while attractive trays of rustic bread and farm fresh cheeses can instantly introduce an organic feel to the party.

Add Some Candles

A dim room that is lit by hundreds of candles give that romantic feel. As an extra point, candles are also inexpensive.

Cover using Fabric

Choose your favourite fabrics from a local craft store, and you can start using it for different purposes, including covering tables, as well as draping the ceiling. You can become creative with the use of material in order to create an intimate, soft atmosphere.

Prepare a Picnic

At an outdoor wedding with blankets and pillows as reception, tables can be a good idea or a reception table. Each blanket will come with a picnic basket filled with wine and goodies. This idea is not just unique, but also classy and fun, and relatively cheaper.

Display Engagement Photos

Your guests will certainly love looking at your photos during engagement. The reception is the best place where you can display them. As a matter of fact, the reception may actually be the only place where your guests can only see your engagement photos. Also, you can display some of your favorite pictures together. If you are not sure whether you can display them in a collage or in frames, why not create a slide show that will be presented as part of the entertainment.

Play With Flowers

The use of large flower displays which look like large flower balls are eye-catching, elegant and memorable. While such flower displays can look like they have been made professionally, the couple can create the flower balls by themselves, using huge Styrofoam balls, inserting the stems to the flowers. This idea is an inexpensive option to take as long as you use used silk flowers, or get them from a wholesaler online so as to save money on your flower arrangements.

Theme Ideas for Wedding Reception

Even though a themed wedding may not turn out as the best option for everybody, it can allow you to implement a focused approach when it comes to the planning phase and choosing the decorations that you will use for your reception. By incorporating all of the elements of the wedding altogether, including the flowers, centrepieces, favour, as well as the overall appearance of the reception, you can make the process simple by yourself. At the same time, the decisions become easier, thus impressing your guests while saving money at the same time.

Wedding receptions are elegant, big parties. However, they do not have to be expensive as you expect. With some do-it-yourself ideas and a lot of creativity, you can come up with a romantic atmosphere for the reception on your wedding day!