Ways You Can Keep Kids Busy at a Wedding

Keeping children preoccupied and entertained while attending a wedding can be a daunting process, to say the least. When you are in the process of planning your wedding, it can be difficult and challenging when you think about how you will be able to keep any children that attend busy and entertained, while allowing their parents to also enjoy themselves. The hidden secret to having a wedding reception that even those parents who have children will enjoy is to ensure you are prepared in advanced. Remember happy kid’s equal happy parents.

Outdoor Activities

Consider having some outdoor activities available for any kids that attend your wedding. This will give them a great way to burn off some steam in the process. Not only will they have an amazing time, they will also sleep great that night for their parents.

Arts and Crafts

Another great way to keep young children entertained is to set them up with an arts and crafts area. This type of area will allow them to get as creative as they want. Use different wedding activities and crafts to give it a unique theme that goes along with the occasion.

Dedicated Children’s Table

If you have a large amount of children attending the wedding, maybe it would be a great idea to have a dedicated children’s table for them to sit and enjoy each other’s company. When you sit them together, you can allow them to get to know one another if they do not already. Having an adult there to supervise is a good idea, so considering hiring a babysitter of sorts to allow their parents to enjoy themselves.

Professional Children’s Entertainment

If you have a budget that allows for some wiggle room or other expenses, consider hiring a children’s entertainer to keep them busy. This could include a children’s band, clown or other entertainers.

Bounce Houses

What a wonderful way to let the kids let off some steam and keep them busy during the reception. Consider renting a bounce house or other types of inflatable entertainment to keep them busy all day long.

Children’s Movie Theater

Set up a movie room to keep the kids happy and entertained. You can have chairs, and pillows included to make it appear just like their own little movie theater. Include some kid friendly movie snacks as well.

Scavenger Hunt

Keep the kiddos busy by putting together a kid-friendly scavenger hunt throughout the wedding reception. They will stay on the trail to find the items hidden around the reception while their parents get the chance to have some adult conversation and enjoy themselves.

Professional Sitters

Hiring those to supervise any children that will be attending your wedding is a great way to allow parents who come with kids to relax and actually enjoy themselves instead of worrying about their children. You can have them work before, during or after the meal, whichever is easier and whatever your budget allows.

A Wedding Piñata

Piñatas are always a big hit, no matter what type of party. Kids of all ages, young and old will enjoy coming out and taking a whack at the piñata. Fill it with wedding friendly treats or mementos to celebrate the occasion.

A Photo booth for Kids

Get a photo booth and fill it up with a bunch of different kid-friendly props. You can include masks, hats and more to keep the kids entertained and busy during the reception.

Don’t Forget the Treats

Treat bags filled with candy, toys and other kid-friendly items is another great way to let the kids know you were thinking about them and to keep them busy during the reception. If you put items like a drawing pad and some crayons in the goody bag, this gives them a distraction to draw and color instead of running around acting up. By eliminating boredom, you can ensure your guests and yourself have a great wedding.


When it comes to your wedding day, having activities and treats for those of all ages who attend is a big hit with parents and kids. Ensuring the day goes off without a hitch just requires a bit of advanced planning on your part.